In 2016, Destery and his friend Nathan began working together on a concept for a board game that would be a mix between Magic the Gathering's insane lore and strategy; and a board game's fun, replay-ability, and ease to figure the game out. Shortly after, the two started working on the inner workings of the game and today, it is JUST out of its concept phase and we've begun working on the artwork. As soon as the game gets a little more funding and we can come up with a kickstarter campaign, I am more than willing to share with all of you the progress of the game. Until then, enjoy the artwork done so far by my talented artists: Addison Rankin, Marc Schultz, and Nathan Owens!

Completed Art-work!

While the board-game is still a far off goal, In 2016 I started commissioning a few artists to begin the artwork for the game's many factions. The money was coming out of my own pocket and had to stop when the YouTube adpocaypse happened, but I'm super happy about the amount of fantastic pieces were completed in that time!


World Map!

In early 2019, Thanks to the extremely generous patronage of one of my Patrons, TheSpicyTea, I was able to commission the creation of THE WORLD MAP of the world detailed in the game, which I plan to write into a book at some point as well. Addison did an amazing job recreating a basic sketch I sent him and turning into an incredibly detailed piece of art work.

Fortress Brawl World Map.jpg


Cool effect

Addison was messing around with some really cool motion effects for if we ever needed to make a commercial! This turned out so cool :D


Card Layout Design

After some of the art was completed, I started working on the Card Layout design which I can still tell needs work, but I think I'm close to something!!

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.16.37 AM.png

Concept Art Sketches

Before the game's initial art phase, Nathan and I started working on the concepts for the game's generals. Here's what we came up with! you may notice some of these have already been made into their final artwork already!