A collection of photos of myself from over the years of Photoshoots I've done! If you'd like to see more of me, make sure to follow my instagram!


Newest Photos at the top.

Poolside Photoshoot - July 2018


Ice-Cream Photoshoot - June 2018


Harry Potter Photoshoot - November 2017


Joker Photoshoot - September 2017


Sexy Photoshoot - September 2013

Park Photoshoot 2 - May 2011


Elf Photoshoot - March 2016


Nerd Photoshoot - August 2011

Park Photoshoot - May 2011 

Playlist Live 2012

Playlist Live 2013

My Cats

"Why would I NOT Include this on my website?" - Destery Smith

Fan Art!

A collection of awesome artwork that my fans have made over the years for me!


Some of the best memes my fans have made!