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In 2015, Destery released his first ever album on iTunes: Sailing Home. a 10 - track album that was met with massive critical success and even landed him on the #37 spot on iTunes pop charts. listen to the entire album on youtube!: 




My second cover ever uploaded to youtube, Made entirely in Propellerhead Reason 10! Try a free trial of Reason today!: Get the original song! Support Aidan Hawken here: Download this cover from my Soundcloud!: **DISCLAIMER: This is 100% Me singing. No Autotune or anything.

So this is my first cover I've ever uploaded to Youtube, and it's of one of my favorite songs by my favorite band, Death Cab for Cutie. Download this cover from my Soundcloud!: **DISCLAIMER: I am ACTUALLY singing in this video, however the final mix was partially re-done and parts shifted to make it sound slightly better.



One of my passions since I was a young lad has been Mixing and Djing music. In 2012, I did my first live show with Nathan Owens at Playlist Live. It went so well That I continued doing the shows every year until 2015! Here are just a few of the mixes I've recorded from my shows. Enjoy :D



Sovndwave was a project I started with my friend and previous manager, Kevin Khandjian. The idea was to make a website where music artists would upload their royalty free music so that youtube personalities would have a website to use (AND PROMOTE) music to their followers. It was a win-win type website and as you can imagine, something that a lot of creators struggle with. The site never really took off because the project was sort of abandoned before it could gain any traction. You can check out some of my royalty free songs there!

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Royalty Free Music